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Why Opportunities, Inc.?

We are the place to be!

Opportunities, Incorporated was founded over fifty years ago by grassroots families to ensure individuals with the most significant disabilities had a place to learn, work and advance their independence.

We have found that barriers to employment and independence can manifest in ways beyond what we consider as “Disability”. People with mental health issues, addiction, criminal backgrounds, English as a second language, military injury, an unstable work history and so much more, are seeking a place to build skills, gain experience and to simply “belong”.

Opportunities, Incorporated  has become that “place”. A place where people are turned around, not turned away. A place where people are respected, not ignored. A place where people win, not lose. 




Coordinating efforts to strengthen services.



Promoting self-determination.



Expansion of public and private partnerships.



Aligning funds and expertise to maximize services.

A Path to Transform Lives through Training, Working and Achieving Independence

A community rehabilitation program based in Fort Atkinson Wisconsin; with additional locations in Watertown, Oconomowoc, and Janesville. Established in 1966 through the grassroots vision of parents who were committed to ensuring family members with diverse abilities had a path to learn, work and achieve independence.

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