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MILWAUKEE(WITI) — Life hasn’t always been easy for Natalie Fiske. She was born with cerebral palsy, which has caused several other health problems, leaving her in a wheelchair and limited mobility in her upper body. But that’s not stopping her.

“I wouldn`t give up this job for anything,” said Fiske.

It was nine years ago when Fiske joined the Eisenhower Center — a non-profit organization that provides services to people with disabilities.

“We provide education and job training for people who come out of the educational system,” said Eisenhower Center Development Director David Ordan.

Along with training, they gave Fiske her first job.

“She’s been taking charge of her own life in a way that I never imagined that she would do,” said Fiske’s mother Patricia Donahue.

The Eisenhower Center helps with job placement in the community. It also offers its own jobs with adaptive equipment for people with various disabilities.

“Most of these people would be sitting at home and watching TV. So what kind of life is that?”“Most of these people would be sitting at home and watching TV. So what kind of life is that?” said Fiske.

But this is only Fiske’s day job. She also announces for the Miracle Baseball League of Milwaukee and volunteers for the Milwaukee Public Museum.

“It`s like a feeling like I`m providing for other people instead of other people always providing for me,” said Donahue.

It’s her drive to help others that motivates Fiske to keep working.

Posted and aired February 3, 2015

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