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On  April 23, 2013, State Representatives Joel Kleefisch and John Jagler toured Opportunities, Inc., one of Jefferson County’s largest employers; specializing in comprehensive vocational training and employment services, social integration, academic programs, and supportive care for individuals with disabilities and other life challenges. It was an inspiring experience for both legislators, who have personal connections to those with special needs. 

Representative Kleefisch and Representative Jagler accepted an invitation to visit Opportunities, Inc. after meeting with individuals with disabilities and their family members at an advocacy event held at the State Capitol in early March. Both representatives are committed to protecting the rights of the State’s most vulnerable citizens and realize the services provided by community rehabilitation programs like Opportunities, Inc. are vital in preserving the ability for those with severe disabilities in pursuing their life’s goals.   

Opportunities, Inc. is proud to be one of the foremost leaders in expanding programs that support job growth for non-traditional workers, i.e. individuals with disabilities, economic disadvantages, veterans, and other life barriers. This success is a result of dedicated collaborations with businesses large and small throughout the state and country, to offer staffing solutions, provide packaging and assembly support, and offer full service graphic design and print operations. As a result, it can continue to invest in a vast array of services that meet the ever changing needs of persons with disabilities and other barriers to identify a career path, participate in transferable skills training and receive customized community job placement services.  

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