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Expanding employment opportunities for people with barriers has been Opportunities, Inc.’s mission for over four decades. It is accomplished successfully through strong partnerships with the local business community and the state’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. Each year, more people are waking up with a purpose; expanding their work skills; and experiencing life to its fullest potential because of the collaborative efforts of local employers. It is with great honor when Opportunities, Inc. can recognize the special leaders and organizations that join in its mission with the prestigious Employer Appreciation Award.   

Local businesses who have received the Opportunities, Inc. Employer Appreciation Award include; St. Vincent de Paul, Fort Atkinson;  Humphrey Floral, Fort Atkinson; Sentry, Whitewater; Glenn’s Market and Catering, Watertown; London Lodge, Cambridge; Bruno Independent Living Aids, Oconomowoc; St. Vincent de Paul, Oconomowoc; and Goodwill Southeastern Wisconsin Retail Store, Oconomowoc. 

For over five years, St. Vincent de Paul in Fort Atkinson has always welcomed participants to come and learn hands-on work skills by offering six-week work experiences at the resale shop. Of the numerous individuals who have trained at St. Vincent de Paul most have gone on and found employment at a local business with their newly acquired skills. “It’s been very beneficial for both agencies and for the participant. I always need help and the job coaches are all very helpful,” David Shuman.

Tim Humphrey, owner of Humphrey Floral and Gift, has been providing valuable work experiences and job shadows for those with little to no previous employment, along with for those wanting to learn new work skills. Humphrey is always receptive to giving individuals a chance to expand their skills for future employment.  “The partnership is very amiable and is a win-win situation for us both. It also forces me to take time to reinforce our policies and sharpen up my act,” Humphrey stated. 

Dennis Riley, Sentry manager in Whitewater, has been supporting Opportunities, Inc. for over five years by providing six-week work experiences. Participants gained valuable work skills from learning the deli to stocking the shelves to customer service. Riley’s commitment over the years has been truly remarkable. 

For the past 10 years, Jeff and Glenn Roberts of Glenn’s Market have offered numerous individuals valuable work readiness skills. Recently, a youth was hired on after successfully completing his work experience training. The staff took note of his hard work and great customer service that they wanted him to stay with the market. Glenn’s Market hired on other participants and continue to share a strong partnership with Opportunities, Inc.

London Lodge owner, Meg Pennywell, stated, “Opportunities, Inc. supports not only employees, but also employers to make sure the fit is successful. It ultimately benefits the community.” For the past two years, Pennywell provided two work experiences with both ending in permanent employment. Her support and dedication is appreciated to Opportunities, Inc. in developing community employment options.

Bruno Independent Living Aids located in Oconomowoc has partnered with Opportunities, Inc. in supplying frequent welding job shadows over the past five years. This year alone, the partnership has lead to eight successful plant tours and job shadows for transitioning high school students and other individuals interested in learning more about the field of welding. Together, they have sparked the interest in expanding employment options to local youths.  

St. Vincent de Paul in Oconomowoc has been more than willing to open their doors for people with disabilities and other life barriers participating in Opportunities, Inc.’s Community Employment Program. For over five years, St. Vincent de Paul has given numerous individuals of all ages with disabilities an opportunity to gain hands-on work skills. Location General Manager, Ron Furno, and Manager, Nancy Karl, instill a great sense of pride and accomplishment in their employees, along with being very supportive.

Opportunities, Inc. also awarded Goodwill Southeastern Wisconsin‘s Retail Stores for offering vocational work experiences through their Community Employment Program. Since opening their retail outlet in 2011, over a dozen work experiences and four permanent placements have been provided. Location Manager, Nate Welke, and his staff train participants in developing valuable customer service skills, in addition to essential work habits. 

Over 300 individuals with disabilities participate in integrated employment annually through Opportunities, Inc.’s youth and adult vocational programs. This can only be realized through the exemplary business partnerships established every day. It is a community changing mission; one job at a time. For more information on Opportunities, Inc., contact the Director of Agency Relations. 


Humphrey Floral & Gift, Fort Atkinson


Sentry, Whitewater

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Glenn's Market, Watertown

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London Lodge, London 

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Goodwill, Oconomowoc