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Since 2001, Opportunities, Inc. has been providing professional guardianship services for individuals with diverse abilities in the areas of medical, legal and personal finances. 

Recently, Guardianship Specialists, Darcy Hartwig and Jennifer Farmer, passed the National Guardianship Certification test recognizing them as nationally authorized to offer universal guardianship principals. 

Farmer noted, “I wanted to become nationally certified because it is one more demonstration that Opportunities, Inc. is a reliable agency that goes above and beyond to make sure that those we serve receives the best professional service available. We care about each individual and they all deserve dependable and knowledgeable attention.” 

Hartwig and Farmer have established strong credibility as leaders on a national level due to their high level of professionalism and exceptional standards of practice.  The honest and comprehensive approach put forth with each ward they serve is a testament to their care, dedication and quality of service. 

Linda Branson, Director of Community Options at Opportunities, Inc. noted, “Being a guardian is not a 9 to 5 job, it’s a 24/7 responsibility that holds a key role in human life decisions. Our Guardianship Specialists, Darcy and Jennifer, provide a caring, professional service that goes beyond the legal requirements of guardianship by providing advocacy for wards’ best interests with dignity and respect.” 

Linda also stated, “There are times when the appointment of a ward can bring situations that are challenging and time consuming. It may be the stability of a residential placement, challenging behaviors that lead to legal issues and even emotional medical and end of life decisions. There is no room for error or delay in action. It is the commitment and dedication of our Guardianship Specialists, even further recognized by their certification accomplishment, that exemplifies our service commitment and recent expansion in our service areas. I am very proud of them both and look forward to our continuation in service excellence.”

Opportunities, Inc. Guardianship Services assist individuals throughout the Jefferson, Rock, Walworth, Dodge, Waukesha, and Dane counties. Guardianship is an avenue to pursue when an individual is incapacitated and cannot make or communicate significant, responsible decisions concerning their health safety. 


Guardianship Specialists

Darcy Hartwig and Jennifer Farmer